DaveThe Stone

 Courage loyalty and comradeship,
 Qualities they have shown.
 Displayed there now forever ,
 In black marble stone.

 Carved by craftsmens hands,
 Words filled all in gold.
 That they may always stay,
 With spirits oh so bold.

 You will see there always,
 Every single name.
 But names they do not matter,
 Before God they're all the same.

 Though i did not die with them,
 Of me they are a part.
 For inside this old mans body,
 Beats a soldiers heart.

 Every time i pass that place,
 I salute them in my mind.
 For truer,braver men than these
 You will never find.............

 DJB 2009

 Inspired by a stone in the Special Forces Area of M.O.D.
 St Athan and dedicated to the men of the SFSG..




Its not the tears at the moment shed
That tell of the heart that is torn,
Its the secret tears in the after years
And the grief that is silently borne.

Time does not heal the heartache
Or make the tears subside,
Nor remove the memories
Of the hurt left deep inside.

Since you’ve gone before me,
There’s one thing you must do.
Walk slowly down that pathway,
For one day I will follow you.



We thought of you with love today,
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we’ll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart

I know you cry
Every single day
And wish I was still there
You constantly pray

I am with you
When you wake in the morn
And your heart still broken
Shattered and torn

I watch with pride
As you put on your mask
The one that gets you through
Your public task
When people ask ‘how are you today’
‘i’m getting there’ i hear you say

I still see through
When you close your door
Every emotion and hurt
Is so painfully sore

I touch your face
Help you try to regain
Your beautiful smile
Please donn’t be in pain

I walk with you
Into dreamland at night
I take hold of your hand
And together we take flight

I want you to know
Wherever you go or whatever you do
I am eternally nearby
Forever close to you


The Selfless Infantier : by Mark Christmas  for Richard.

Tolling noon on an August Day
The cast dome struck forth, a call
For a gathering of grief.  Summoning a
Silence which was heard throughout
The land as time ceased its meaning.

A patriotic symbol draped the
Final carriage as comrades held
Him aloft in a dutiful acknowledgement
Of his sacrifice.  Old warriors lowered
Fluttering standards in salutation.

Homogeneous bearers worked in unison.
The sharpness of hobnails in time
As the choir gave voice to the ‘Men
Of Harlech’,from then to now.  The
Stone floor eased the salt from the drying tears.

And if salt were still currency, today was
Paid for, ten fold.  The procession halted
In front of the alter, a place for all
Occaisions, though today was a premature
Gathering, for the warrior.

Brothers and friends stood and evoked
Stories of him,  his quintessence filled
The air, a reverberation of
Solemnity echoed the silence.  Minds
Held memories of his ‘amazing character’.

He was dependable, loyal and wise,
A bright enthusiastic youth.  Superlatives
Of one who had passed scribed for time
On the pathways which he trod
With each of those gathered today.

Each person had a dedication for him;
The young man, whose shyness masked
The bravado.  ‘The Selfless Infantier’
Masel Tov was hailed to send him
On the path of the wandering soldier.

Today a small border town felt the
Pain of war waged a life time away.
Today people joined in the celebration
Of a life but the mourning caressed
The very souls of all fellow countrymen.

When the families and media had
Finally laid you to rest, I took
A repose, I sat with you and
Drew the scent from the cream and
Violet swathe, now laid over you.

Pride was felt in equidistance; snipers
Had paid homage, whilst Great Aunt Muriel
Harboured her feelings but acknowledged
Them to you.  You were the focus, a milestone
Though one that should never have been reached.

Your physicality now placed in view of
Ty’r Pwll while the pool falls still in your
Tribute.  The schoolyard no longer echoes with
Your joyful cries and sound of running
Feet.  Today reflection is the order.

This final journey which started
In the distant, dusty, sun scorched land
Has ended in the fertile, brown earth
Of your homeland.  We salute you
‘Welsh Warrior’.

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